How to make the week work for our wellbeing?

September 2, 2022
Asifa Rapaiee

About the author: Ashleigh is the owner of AD Counselling & wellness and Elements Wellness Studio. She has worked as a therapist and wellness coach for around 7 years. She has a genuine passion for promoting healing, personal growth, self-discovery and recovery from within.

It goes without saying we are conditioned to automatically have a negative mindset around Mondays, it is common to develop a moody Monday mindset which can even creep into our Sunday. Ever had the Sunday scaries? I think most of us can relate at some stage. Sunday scaries is the anxiety we feel on a Sunday at the thought or dread of the week ahead. These feelings are no joke and can be quite a severe emotional reaction, which can bleed into the rest of our week.  How would it feel to replace the Sunday scaries with the concept of Self Care Sundays? What I mean by Self Care Sunday is rather than give into the anxiety or get caught up on dreading the week ahead, we could consciously prepare for the week to take some of the pressure off, incorporating self care into your Sunday evening can make for a restful day or productive day rather than a day spent procrastinating or worrying – self-care Sunday could be anything from spending some time meditating or journaling to meal prepping or planning your outfits for the week, basically anything that will take the pressure off you either emotionally or practically. 

Statically energy levels peak by Tuesday and Wednesdays, we tend to feel good as we are back in routine etc., however, by Thursday it is common to feel drained and “ready for the weekend” as our bodies and minds are now craving a rest; with that in mind energy levels thus productively tend to be lower, therefore I strongly recommend introducing ”Wellness Wednesdays” into your schedule.  This brief “hump day” mental maintenance could have a profound positive impact on your mood and mental health., enabling you to carry out the rest of the week reducing the risk of emotional/mental overwhelm. 

Here's why?
Simply it will give you something to work towards each week, consciously knowing you have the reset and rest can help motivate the mind to work towards that, breaking up the long week.

Here’s how? 
Set time aside each week for yourself, prioritise your needs. Do I need an hour or do I need more? Schedule the time in your day, consider what those needs are? Do I need rest? Do I need support?  Do I need movement? Assess how your body feels, listen and meet accordingly, i.e. if you feel tired take a time out, enjoy a long bubble bath or gentle meditation, curl up with a herbal tea. If you feel hyped up you might need to shake off excess energy, take a brisk walk while listening to music, or journal to let go of thoughts.  

There is deep comfort in knowing we have control of our own wellbeing, by scheduling in these small protective factors each week we are taking control, this is an empowering measure.  

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